Score & Music Production

Step 1: This is the on set audio provided and because of the loud river and remote location the production knew they would need a lot of sound design.

Step 3: Now I put in location ambient and on sight sounds, digital sound effects and in studio foley.

Step 2: This is the scene after dumping all sound and looping added from actor's re-recording dialog in studio.

Step 4: The last step, I composed and performed some original score and mixed everything together, with approval from the director throughout every process.

This is a promotional scene for

Showhouse Productions,

"Bad Tom"

Check out some examples of my

sound design and original music for

video production.

1. This is an original song I wrote and performed, with Tyler Booth on vocals, for the intro to the web series, "Hicky the hillbilly vampire".

Scene were Debbie is beaten by her husband in front of her baby girl.

4. Opening sequence to "Roots as red as blood" starring Brandon Merrill Noe (Shanghai Noon). It is a promotional short which I did all sound and score.

End sequence to "Roots as red as blood".

5. Pilot episode intro of "The Acting Class". A reality show about Hollywood acting coach Silvana Gallardo. I did all sound and score. Silvana's students include Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves.


Debbie Terry Story scene where Debbie's mom is shot to death by her father, in front of her.