2014 Fall Class

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NEW!  8 Week Class!

    FREE class is Aug 4th, Monday at 7 pm at Willis Music in Lexington, Ky.

    8 week class starts the following Monday, Aug 11th at 7pm.


1. "When I first started taking lessons from Mike I was your average guitar player. I knew a few major and minor chords as well as the usual power chords. In my first lesson taught me how to play all the major chords and the different shapes and locations they are played in. He also taught me the Ionian (Major) Scale and walked me through each of the modes. Mike is very patient and understands how to make what he is teaching very clear. When I started my lessons I was just a guitar player, Mike has led me to the path of being a musician."

2. "When I came to mike, I knew very little about guitar theory and how soloing really worked. I set in my room hours a day on top of hours practicing. I would watch my favorite guitar players and just be in awe. Along with the awe came loads of self doubt and insecurity with my own guitar playing. Working with mike took my guitar playing to a whole other level. Upon working with mike and learning how the modes matched up and down the neck the rest was up to my imagination."

3. "The initial purpose of taking lessons with Mike was to take my son's playing ability to a deeper level and understanding of theory. He was already an accomplished "guitar player" Mike's presentation of the material was easily understood and applicable to the fret board, and expanded on his ability and knowledge.

    My son was already an accomplished player and making a name for himself smoking much more experienced players. After an initial 8-9 weeks of lessons his playing went through the roof, it was during this period that he transitioned from a guitar player to being a musician. For myself as I sat in on the sessions things I learned more than 25 years ago made suddenly perfect sense, concepts of modes and the application of modes to song structures, it was very eye opening and after 30 years of playing I feel I am growing and I am excited about playing sharing. My son, on a side note, has been ask to audition for the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

    I recommend Mike all the time to people seeking initial lessons through advanced, Mike presents the material in a way that is easily understood, visual and immediately applicable to the fret board. Mike is also extremely patient with students and understands that there is a learning curve to every concept."

4. "Before studying Mike's lessons...I was a decent play-by-ear blues/rock guitar player with a limited understanding of music theory...After taking Mike's course, I had a complete understanding of theory and a working knowledge about using it to compose my own music which took my playing to the next level and beyond!!!"

    "Any beginner to average guitar player who wants to become more of a well rounded musician should definitely take Mike's course. His lessons and examples are easy to follow and he explains them each in detail. He makes it so easy to take your music to the next level, why would anyone not want to take this class???"

5. "The info was presented in a clear, concise manner, and I had no trouble whatsoever understanding the knowledge that was being imparted to me. If anything, I regret that I didn't hold on to your work packets, because you better believe I'd be using them to teach my students nowadays! I know what I'm doing, but I can't always remember how to cohesively explain what I'm doing as clearly as Mike did in his lessons. Props."

6. "Before Mike's lessons, I had a very raw ear. I knew the notes on my fretboard, I could figure out the key of a song and what the "right" notes to play would be, but I didn't clearly understand why certain notes worked and others didn't. After a few lessons, I began to understand the intricate workings of music theory and how to apply it to my guitar playing. Seven modes of the major scale. Arpeggios. Scale exercises. Chord theory. Intervals. I began to understand the fretboard as a whole, rather than the little bits and pieces I had figured out here and there. My knowledge and understanding of guitar playing has continued to deepen ever since, and I wholeheartedly believe that's because of the time I spent learning from Mike.

    I would recommend Mike's teaching to anyone who wants to start taking themselves seriously as a guitar player and a musician."

7.  "Very professional and concise with printed material each lesson demonstrating not only positions on each string and fret, but theories explaining why and how each mode correlates within chords. This was my first time taking lessons and it was very well put together.

     I first picked up the guitar at 6 but laid it down until my 40's where I had the privilege to take lessons with Mike. Now my level of play led me into playing in a band as the lead guitarist. Believe me, it takes dedication and the will to learn, but the lessons Mike offers will definitely put you on the right path to your musical desires and expectations.

    There's no question I would recommend Mike to anyone with any style of music. What he teaches covers everything you need towards being a great guitarist. You don't get many chances in life to say I was taught by one of the best!"